About us

Bella Boka is a private society registered in Montenegro and working in the field of project development and management, methodology development for international funded projects especially focusing on the following sectors:

  • - Climate Change
  • - Environment
  • - Water Management
  • - Sustainable Development
  • - Sustainable Tourisam
  • - Energy & Renewable energy solutions

Company was founded by Mr. Riccardo Bonetti in 2011, in collaboration with different experts who used to work with and for international donors (e.g. European investment Bank-EIB-; European Commission- EC in particular DG DEVCO, DG CLIMA, DG N, DG ENV; USAID; World Bank- WB, etc). Our main expertise is the following:

  1. formulating, managing and implementing climate change-mitigation and adaptation energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and environmental projects including monitoring and reporting, evaluation, design and organisation of emission management systems, fiscal and financial assessment, legislative rulebooks in the field of climate change, renewable energies, linked to green certificates, new carbon markets and energy sector reform.
  2. dealing with identification and formulation procedures for identification and implementation of programs under EU project’s cycle management
  3. developing guidelines on screenings and mainstreaming climate change, environmental policies and planning documents
  4. training governmental and ministerial staff on transport, climate change and related financing mechanisms, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental issues and on supporting the foreign governments in developing, transport, climate change, energy (RE and EE included) and environmental strategies
  5. evaluation and monitoring projects funded by international donors in the field of climate change, environment, energy, renewable energy and transport
  6. developing PPA, PPP and concession agreements
  7. water and waste management
  8. waste of energy
  9. district heating